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About us: 
The Quiet Heart Women's Mission is a faith-based residential women's facility for ladies, 18 and upward, struggling with substance abuse, behavioral problems, and coming out of abusive homes.  Located in Gaffney, SC, we have been in operation since September of 2015.  We are the women's division of Crossroads Rescue Mission in Shelby, NC.  We have one single goal at the Quiet Heart: to introduce women to the life-changing power of Jesus Christ!  We know and believe that our Lord has the power to break every addiction!  We focus on recovery of the whole individual: body, soul, and spirit.  

We offer our services completely free of charge, so that anyone who wants help can get help.  The Quiet Heart is an initial six month program which focuses on recovery and restoration.  During this "new beginning," each resident will receive sound Bible instruction and focus on life-skills to help them in the future. 

If you wish to check in and be a resident......
  • Complete a phone interview to find out more about your situation and how we can help.
  • Have all court and legal requirements continued (postponed) or settled until after the first 45 days.
  • Be completely detoxed by the time of admittance into residency.
  • Although we offer housing completely free of charge for residents, if a resident is coming from over 3 hours away, a bus ticket deposit of $150 is required.  This is in case the resident doesn't complete the program and goes home before completing their six months.  This deposit is exclusively for a bus ticket only.  It is to cover any expenses in getting the resident back home.
  • State ID or other government-issued identification with picture.  This is a requirement. 
From a Vision to a Reality.......
The Lord settled it in our hearts to start this mission home for women in 2007.  It became a reality that same year, seven months later when the property was donated to start the work.  We worked as the Lord provided the materials and laborers.  There were many, many distractions, as Satan tried to hinder and stop several times.  But our God is always on time and always prevails!  To God be the glory!  The official opening date for the Quiet Heart was September 27, 2015.   (Mrs. Deborah Shelton) 
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